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The Norwegian Forest cat, or more correctly the Skogkatt, evolved naturally in Norway. It is known as Norway's National Cat.


We are hobby breeders of Norwegian Forest Kittens, based in South West Scotland, UK.

We own, exhibit & breed Norwegian Forest Cat & Kittens.

We are passionate about ensuring that we preserve the traditional look & the old bloodlines of the Norwegian Forest Cat.


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A big thank you to Trish & Davie for this wonderful photograph of Lunaraine Mackmyra 



We Have Kittens Available

~ updated 29th April 2019  ~


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Thank you to Tanya and Keita for the great photo

Our Cats and Kittens are fed on a Raw Diet

~ please ask for more information & assistance on how to feed your cat on an appropriate raw diet ~

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Please click on the link below for details on Raw Feeding for Cats (work in progress)


Mackmyra lion Vidarr 10 months old

Thank you to Catriona & Pete for this great photo of Lunaraine Vidarr ( aka Buster) one of our kittens that we bred . He is busy exploring the great outdoors on his harness.


Norwegian Forest Cats/Kittens are easily trained on a harness.

Makes the outdoors accessable, safe and a great bonding tool for you and your cat/kitten

They love it !

Raw Feeding Guide

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