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*We are annually inspected by a Veterinary ~ approved & recommended*

Kitten Status

"Available" : May have interest ~ but has not been secured with a deposit yet

"On Hold": Interest shown but awaiting development

"Reserved" : Has been visited/secured with a deposit

"Sold" : Is 100% decided on the family that he/she will be joining

(Deposits are non returnable)

Please Beware!

Kittens being bred by "back street breeders" at discounted prices. These kittens however may not be the deal they appear to be as some of the kittens are un-vaccinated, underage and sold without pedigree's. I would strongly urge all prospective purchasers of all pedigree kittens to ensure that their kitten is healthy, at least 13 weeks of age, has had the full course of vaccinations, comes complete with a full pedigree and insurance, and has been bred and cared for by a knowledgeable & experienced breeder.
There are also cross breeds of Norwegian Forest Cats kittens, this is a definite NO in this breed. Norwegian Forest cats are natural breed - not man made - they evolved naturally in Norway. Cross breeding is neither a forest cat or any other breed - it is a domestic moggie, and although moggies are lovely they do not command the prices a pedigree cat does because the breeding of them is no where near the same. Back street breeders are doing this to make quick profit with selling so called pedigree kittens at cheap prices. They are not paying out for stud fees , genetic testing, vaccinations & for parasite treatments and I doubt they are spending on good quality veterinary care and diet.
Responsible breeders do not sell kittens to be bred from by anyone unless they are specifically sold for that reason. Vaccinations are only administered at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age therefore they should not be sold by anyone before they have had at least a week after their vaccinations to recover - hence the 13 weeks old time for them to go to their new homes.
Please take care when bringing a kitten into your home, if a kitten has runny eyes, nose or diarrhoea - walk away. These could lead to long term vet bills and potentially affect other cats in your household. Never buy a kitten because you feel sorry for it or want to 'rescue' it from it's current situation, this keeps bad breeders in business.

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